Today is the last day of 2015. And I want to share my roadmap for 2016

1. Focus

2016 I’m going to focus more to this site. Several months ago I decided to remove all the fat projects/sites which I build for fun and extra income. But “fat-loss” is always hard. But I have to do it. Genbu Media will be my only workshop. One center location for all my work. All other side-projects will be merged and maintained here or deprecated.

2. Services

Thank you for all my clients. This is currently my main work/income. I’ll simply do what I did in 2015. In 2016 I plan to do extra marketing effort online and offline.

2. Themes

This year I only create 2 public WordPress theme. Explorer and fyeah. And I did not even update my other themes. I actually don’t know what I want to do with my older themes, deprecate it, give it away to other developer, or continue to update and maintain it.

I’ve decided to not deprecate old theme and continue to maintain and update it and add more features even though I will have to make it non-backward compatible. All themes (except the new one) is using older library and that uses method no longer accepted in repository.

3. Plugins

The plan is to create simple and useful plugins for free and submit it to plugin repository. In my several years of working in WordPress services, I have several dozen plugins that I use privately on my own sites and client sites. It’s time to sort it and rewrite it for public use. Hopefully this will be useful for other WordPress user.

4. Tutorials

I wrote tutorials on my personal blog in 2015 I wrote only 14 WordPress tutorials. On average, that’s one article per month. Which is very bad. I’ll write more.

I also want to write tutorials in more organized manner here at Genbu Media. Mostly targeted to new user or newbie developer/designer.

So, see you next year 🙂