Weekly Report:

This week is a “plugins” week. I release 2 new plugins f(x) SEO and f(x) Categories Widget. And All plugins now also available at WordPress.org plugins repository including f(x) Share and f(x) Login Notification.

Next Week Road Map:

Next week I’ll focus on updating themes and create new design for new theme. I plan to release at least 1 new theme each month. Also there’s several plugins planned for release this month.

Themes User Count:

I checked WordPress.org and here’s current downloads and active install count:

  • Penny – 4.9k downloads (400+ active install)
  • Genbu – 16.8k (1000+)
  • Chelonian – 3.4k (100+)
  • Press Start – 4k (200+)
  • LifeLog – 7.5k (300+)
  • Cara – 10.4k (1000+)
  • fyeah – 2.8k (300+)
  • Explorer – 1.5k (400+)

So, 51k+ total downloads with 3700 sites using my themes. Genbu and Cara is the most popular. fyeah and Explorer seem to have a good start 🙂