Weekly Report:

This week we releases one new plugin and one new theme:

f(x) Login Customizer (Plugin).
It’s an old plugin, but I rewrite it completely, and now it uses Customizer API. Currently, the features are minimal and actually more like a proof of concept. But it’s going to be fun to add more features in the future. If you use this plugin, I’m sorry, it’s a no backward-compatible update.

Nevertheless (Theme).
A simple two column layout theme with classic design. The design is very familiar and seems like an old friend. Even though it’s a simple theme, I’m sure a lot of blogger will be happy with this theme customizability.  Specially the color options.

WordPress Tutorials:

I only wrote two WordPress tutorial this week, you can read them in my blog Shellcreeper.com.

  1. (Jan 18, 2016) How to use Customize API “postMessage” Method to Hide/Show Element
  2. (Jan 19, 2016) How To Remove WordPress Admin Color Scheme Option

There’s also one more tutorial in the work about Nevertheless Theme color option (postMessage transport method for Customizer Color Settings). I think this tutorial going to help a lot of designer/developer because it’s actually a little tricky.


Theme updates: Chelonian and/or LifeLog (this month readmap). All theme eventually will use “tamatebako” as its main framework.

Two new plugin to build. Both relatively large plugin. If it’s not possible, then it will be scheduled for February.