Weekly Report (Last week of January 2016):

This week I finally update one of my theme Chelonian to use Tamatebako Framework.It’s not easy, but I did try to make it as backward compatible as possible. If you use this theme and experience issue, please contact us for support.

One of the benefit from using Tamatebako Framework is that now it’s easier for me to update and add features to the theme. Even Chelonoian now updated with several new features such as Font Options and Custom CSS. This update is not without issue. Today, I found minor CSS bug in the theme, and will update with a fix soon.

All themes eventually will be updated with new features. The next in the list is Press Start and LifeLog. If you like to code and “do WordPress yourself” there’s a couple new WordPress tutorials at Shellcreeper.com:

This week I also change Genbu Media website a little bit. Move things around, add social icons and subscribe form, so you can easily get updates.

January 2016 Recap

Overall this is a productive month. I create 6 new plugin, and all (8 total) of our plugins now available at WordPress.org. I also manage to build one theme, Nevertheless, and it will eventually available at WordPress.org repository too.

February 2016 Roadmap

There are several plugins I want to launch in February. And some of it is large plugin. I also want to update some plugins with new features, such as background image for f(x) Login Customizer, 301 Permanent redirect for f(x) SSL, and per user option for f(x) Login Notification.

For themes, it’s still the same target: minimum 1 new theme per month. And I will also update at least 4 themes this month (one or more per week).