Hi all, here’s the recap for this week.

New Release

In 1st week of February 2016, we release new plugin f(x) Editor. A long time ago, I create several editor plugin to easily create boxes, buttons, and columns. This plugins even get featured on WP Tavern.

I still actively use these plugins in my sites and several client sites. So, I decided to merge all 3 plugins into one plugin and I also add several other features. This new approach hopefully will make it easier for me to update this plugin and add more feature in the future.

Plugins Updates

f(x) Private Site
Whitelist BuddyPress registration and activation page.

Themes Updates

Fix bug found in icon font CSS.

Press Start
Upgrade to new framework.
Add Custom CSS feature.

Penny theme will get a major overhaul, schedule release next week. You can check the new version live in the demo.