First of all, Happy February 29!

Weekly Report

Actually nothing to report this week. It’s not a productive week. I did learn new stuff about WooCommerce theming, but no results yet. It’s a big work, because there are tons of things i didn’t like in how they set up the defaults. Penny theme will be the first theme with full WooCommerce support.

Monthly Report (February 2016)

I failed to deliver new theme this month. I actually already wireframe several theme design, but I guess it need to wait.

There’s several improvement in Tamatebako Framework I want to implement, such as better customizer control for layout, so it will be extendable, logo and customizer mobile preview that will need to be deprecated for WordPress 4.5.

February Accomplishment

This month I release 9 new plugin. And all 11 plugins now available at Chelonian Theme and Penny Theme also updated with Tamatebako Framework. I also slightly redesign this site and use a dot com domain 🙂

March 2016 Roadmap

  1. I will focus to improve Tamatebako with several custom customizer control.
  2. Theme Support for major plugins such as WooCommerce, EDD, The Events Calendar, and bbPress/buddyPress.
  3. Update all themes with new framework.
  4. Build several plugins such as “f(x) Demo Bar” and re-write “Auto Hosted” to resolve several issue.
  5. Release at least one commercial product.