Genbu Media just got a facelift! And I’m happy with the result.

The Design

For the design I took more generic approach, home page design with hero section and three “features” column. I actually start working on the design since a month ago and end up creating a new theme “Friday” (demo).

The Engine

I finally fixed the “engine” for theme and plugin listing, now it will properly “pull” data and “sync” with repository data.

The previous system was a mess, and I finally create a proper plugin to tie all the functionality in one big plugin.


Page Builder

For the home/front page I actually want to use page builder to add the columns content, I tried several:

  • Site Origin Page Builder
  • Divi (Elegant Themes)
  • Elegant Builder (Elegant Themes)
  • Beaver Builder (Lite)
  • etc

All page builder seem to be too complex for my needs. So I end up using my own plugin f(x) Editor.