f(x) Updater is a plugin to turn your WordPress site into an update server. So, basically turn your site into a plugins/themes hosting (like WordPress.org). It’s a very useful plugin if you are a WordPress freelancer. You no longer need to ask your client login/ftp to update.

When they re-hire you to build more feature/fix bug in the theme/plugin you build. Instead of sending the files over emails, or even login to their site/ftp and update it for them, you can simply say:

I’ve added the features, please check your admin panel for updates.

Come on! how cool is that?!
Besides, if you’re charging for your premium product and WordPress.org does this for free, what would your customer say?

A little back story.

A few years ago I released a commercial plugin Auto Hosted. It was a moderate success (i think), but failed at the same time. I was busy with client works and unable to develop the plugin further. Around a year ago I stop selling the plugin, but I still support the users/customer.

Couple months ago, I develop a “lite” version of the plugin, f(x) Updater. It didn’t have the bells and whistles of Auto Hosted, but it fixes several issue and bug, new features, and more extendable.

Unfortunately, this type of plugin is not allowed at WordPress.org repository.
Correct me if I’m wrong.