icon-256x256Since I posted video of page builder on my blog, I got a lot of emails asking about it.

I was really busy with work, but now finally decide it’s time to make this plugin work with minimum feature and publish this plugin to public so it can help (at least as inspiration) for other plugin dev who want to create similar plugin.

f(x) Builder is now available for public.

However, this plugin is still in alpha stage and with issues. In the next couple days I will post several more issues to solve in this plugin at GitHub.

You are welcome to help with the development of this plugin.

Even though it still in alpha stage. I already use it to manage this site, now just my front page and service page. And I quite happy with the results of this alpha version:



  1. Hi David,

    Interesting plugin. Here is some feedback:

    * Enable it on Posts and Pages by default.
    * On the plugins page have a link to the settings.
    * You named it f(x) Builder, but the settings menu name is “Page Builder”. That is a disconnect. Should it be called f(x) Page Builder?
    * When I click on the tabs to switch between the editor and the Page Builder, the popup message refers to ‘clear your editor existing content’. That frightened me because I thought I might loose my content, but it was moved, which was nice. Maybe say, “Would you like to move your existing content … “.
    * Once I add a row, I don’t need a row of buttons both above and below the row I created since I can drag the rows to order them.
    * When I created a cell and clicked on it, I immediately started typing, but the cursor focus wasn’t in the editor.
    * The marketing really needs work. What the plugin currently does is give you is:
    **** Visual columns in the post editor.
    **** If you disable the plugin, you content is not lost.
    **** I would remove the part about “Without the complexity of front end builder, confusing control, etc.” Instead, I would say something like:
    “f(x) Builder is a new page builder plugin that provides visual columns in the post editor without using shortcodes (if it doesn’t). From the setting page, you can enable it for posts, pages, and custom post types (unless you enable some of those by default, in which case just mention the custom post types). There is no vendor lock-in. If you decide you no longer wish to use the plugin, you can disable it without losing your content (though you would loose the column formatting).
    * In the WordPress.org page you might have a link to the github repo.
    * The green was a bit bright for me, but that is a personal thing.
    * Does the plugin use shortcodes? If not, it might be a plus to say it does not.
    * You wrote some articles about creating your own “layout options”. Are those some things you plan to add? What’s the roadmap? You might share that.

    Hope these comments are helpful,


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