fx-editor-line-breakf(x) Editor now with “line break” button. I think this feature is very useful for all WordPress users who write content on the go.

When we click “Enter/Return” in the keyboard, WordPress will automatically create a new paragraph. We can create a new line break by clicking SHIFT + ENTER. f(x) Editor even have a feature to switch this behavior, even though it’s not recommended because it’s possible to cause conflict with another plugin.

android-keyboardI use line break a lot when writing blog post. Even though SHIFT + ENTER to add line break is easy and works out of the box. But the main problem with SHIFT + ENTER is because can’t use this key combination with mobile keyboard. It’s not working because the keyboard is not designed this way.

It’s a mobile world. I add this feature so we can be more productive using our phone and tablet without this annoying limitation.