You can change your theme fonts from Appearance > Customize > Fonts (Section). Each theme can have different options for each element, but usually the options are “Site Title Fonts”, “Post Title Fonts” and “Base Fonts”.

Not all fonts created equal.

Not all fonts created  with the same purpose. Some fonts cannot be use as “base fonts” because it’s lack several attributes. That’s why we handpicked and select fonts that “works” for each element. For non “web safe” fonts we use Google Fonts service.

If you have a favorite fonts that you think should be in this list, contact me.

To understand more, fonts we choose can be separated into 3 different class:

#1. Web Safe Font

This is the “generic” fonts, this fonts ensure maximum compatibility between browsers/operating systems. These fonts also the “fastest” because each device already have this fonts loaded in their operating system, so no extra load time needed to download the fonts.

#2. Heading Fonts

This fonts are pretty, but usually created only for headings elements such as “Site Title” or “Post Title”. These fonts lack of font weight attributes for styling such as “Bold” and “Italic”, and it is not suitable to use as “base font” because of that reason.

#3. Base Fonts

You can use base fonts listed here  for anything. All base fonts here is selected for its high quality, beautiful design, load fast, and maximum readability.