Tamatebako is a theme framework to make theme development faster. It’s highly inspired by Hybrid Core Framework by Justin Tadlock.

In the download file, you will get “NokoNoko” parent theme where you can see how to implement Tamatebako. Instead of creating a dedicated GitHub repository to host Tamatebako, I use NokoNoko repository for Tamatebako development repository.

The best feature of Tamatebako is to simplify template functions with robust HTML structure that allow flexibility in design via CSS.

Tamatebako Features

  • Layout module
  • Full size background module
  • Hide page title module
  • Post formats helper module
  • Custom (google) fonts module
  • Backward compatibility class to check WP and PHP version before theme activation.

Always ahead of its time

Several modules that already deprecated:

  • Logo: deprecated in 3.3.0 in favor of WP 4.5 custom logo
  • Mobile view: deprecated in 3.3.0 in favor of WP 4.5 mobile preview
  • Custom CSS: deprecated in 3.4.0 in favor of WP 4.7 custom CSS.