This plugin is no longer supported. Please check f(x) Updater.

AUTO UPDATER for Self Hosted Themes and Plugins

With AutoHosted Plugin you can manage updates for your commercial WordPress themes and plugins from your own site.

Optimize Workflow

If you build a commercial theme or plugin, with automatic updates feature you can easily update your product with new feature and bug fixes. Your customer don’t have to manually update their theme or plugin via FTP. This will add more value to your premium product.

Increase Your Value

With automatic update feature using Auto Hosted plugin, you just need to update the theme/plugin, upload it in your own site. Update the version, and tell your client to update it from their own WordPress admin panel. With this feature, your client will see you in a different level.

Keeps Your Sites Secure

As a good developer you need to as quickly as possible fix every bug and update all site. With automatic updates feature, you can do this much faster. How long will it take before all of your customers have upgraded if you don’t provide auto updates?

Saves Your Time & Money

It will definitely save you lots of time. With the time you save, you can be more productive as a developer to create another awesome product. Automatic updates solution from Auto Hosted is the most affordable, it’s only $45 and you’ll get lifetime updates.

Meets Users Expectations

Premium themes and plugins without auto updates isn’t the norm anymore, it’s below user expectations, and might even be disappointing. Why? if you’re charging for your premium product and does this for free, what would your customer say?

Start Today

It’s good for you, it’s good for users, it’s easy to implement. So get on it and start offering auto updates, there’s no reason you shouldn’t.